A Real-Time, live on the trading floor training is imparted that specializes in trading. Equities by utilizing a systematic approach rooted in technical analysis. The methodology seeks to uncover low risk trading opportunities that present themselves through the trading session each day. By adhering to strict discipline and applying proper money management techniques, consistent profits are obtained.

Trainees benefit by learning to identify key market and charting patterns in conjunction with a variety of additional critical "factors" which are used to identify the quality or probability of a pending trade. Trainees are taught how to use technology to scan for these specific patterns and factors which lead to profitable training. The program is delivered on the "live trading floor" giving trainees the ability to communicate with the head traders and view his charts during pre-market, live-market and post-market analysis.

Trainees partake in pre-market analysis to prepare for the trading session. Possible trading setups are identified and discussed. Alerts at specific prices are sometimes set to signal to the trader when a stock becomes a buy or a sell. A "watch list" is created for the day.

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