The following is a list of the frequently asked questions our proprietary trading firm receives. If you have more specific questions, would like more detail, or are a professional trader and want to express an interest in trading on TSL's prop trading desk, please contact us.

  • 1: What will be my responsibilities as a trader for TSL?

    A: Traders with TSL are responsible for trading and that's all. You will not be     charged with menial tasks your only task will be to learn, to trade     responsibly and to trade with discipline.

  • 2: Do I receive a salary if I trade with TSL?

    A: Compensation is based on each individual trader's net profit and loss.

  • 3: I don't live in the Mumbai metro area, are there trading options in remote     places?

    A: TSL has it's presence in Jaipur & is in process of increasing it's presence      across India.

  • 4: Is TSL a Broker-Dealer?

    A: Yes. TSL is a BSE/NSE registered Broker, we fall under the supervision of     SEBI. We are a proprietary trading firm only.

  • 5: Is TSL an independent firm?

    A: Yes. TSL is completely independent and maintains relationships with     multiple software providers.

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